It’s all about Techno!

Day after day we realise that the Tunisian crowd care about music and Techno especially. After what happened with DAX J and that scary polemic, we thought that the third edition of illusion (Darkside 3) will fail, but thank god, everything was under control till the last minute.
The show started a little late due to some security facts, so Tunisian DJs had the opportunity to play a set of 30mn only for each one.
At 10pm starting with Eyth , a Warok boy, who played some experimental and Ambient tracks. After that, Ben khlifa took the control. The bpm was getting stronger, and the hall getting warmer.

11pm, It was time for our Tunisian dark man Mind Magnetic who does not cease to surprise us. In only 30mn he played that kind of Techno, hard and Dark! to finish after, with an industrial track, leaving the stage to our first Guest Brian Sanhaji.


One hour and 30mn of a pure techno, that’s what we really need!
This German man who was glad to come playing for us, gave that positive vibes and energy.

« So many people asked me to not come to Tunisia, i was scared at first but really it worth it! I can see the crowd enjoying my music,i can see their love for Techno »he said.

Tic Tac, 11pm pass half, the queen is on the stage! Everybody was screaming her name, clapping their hands, dancing, jumping and enjoying the bangs.
Rebekah, the cute monster, the lady who can bring out the devil on you only with her beats. You can see that sweet smile on her lips all along the night. She was dancing and jumping like a little girl, & really enjoying what she did and what she saw. In her last post on Instagram she expressed her feeling, how she’s glad to visit our beautiful country, to meet Tunisian people and to discover our culture.

Darkside 3 by Illusion was Just awesome, wonderful and
insane and as Rebekah said “ Techno is for everyone” .

It’s all about Techno!

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