A trip to the desert!

Spring is here, that’s why we decided to trip up to the desert this time !

We spent the last weekend (March, 24th,25th and 26th) at Tozeur enjoying the sun of the sahara, the Tunisian side where the famous “Star Wars” had been filmed.

We had the opportunity to visit our beloved Tunisian south, as a sound partner for the second eddition of « Sounds of sahara« .

Our Turbosound covered that wide and hug place on which there were up to 1200 persons.

We would like to thank KMT for there trust to subcontract soundsource as sound and lighting partner.
A big thank you to Mr Samy Mhenni for his professionalism.
Last and not least, big hug for Mr Karim Cherait for his warm and lavish hosting.

A trip to the desert!

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