Sekay audio Dress code 

«How would you dress up for Sekay audio with Rampue »?
Technically, That was the most question i have heard those last two weeks.

Why did everyone was wondering about this subject? The answer is, that Sekay audio had asked who will attend the party on October 12th, 2017 to get a SPECIAL dress code.
The journey this time was with a name that we all have been waiting for, since a long long time. Who had never dreamed about spending a night dancing along RAMPUE’s live set!

In fact, the set up had started two days before the show.  And some pictures were published on the social media which make you want to see the club on his new shape.

In one word, the purpose was to bring the burning man style (that incredible event), to “Solar club” and giving birth to a little concept that I called “The Solarian Burn”

A night to remember 

The embellishment was just awful in the positive way! A kind of luminous angels and gamps here and there, colorful balloons around the stage and a trippy lighting in each corner giving to the venue an amazing look. there on the stand, closer to the sea, a little wooden man was burning!

The event was totally equipped by SoundSource, and with regard to the sound, we preferred to add more curtness to the venue by installing our Nexus6 by VOID.
Hey Sekay audio, we couldn’t ask for more!!!

At first, the event started with two hours downtempo set by a Tunisian DJ “Babaya”, this guy always impressing us by the bombs he plays.
Show must go on !
After that , at 10.30 pm a handsome man behind the decks, and here everyone taking his phone and start recording. Closing my eyes, I felt like I’m biking in a hug desert. Coming then to a very high stage where Rampue was mixing his own magical stuffs!
Well, at that moment, I felt like I’m really one of Burningman’s ravers!

SED, sekay’s co-founder, was the third DJ who played. In short, what I like on this man is that he’s always making effort to select an amazing track-list.
To finish, the closing set was with “Mustapha” one of Sekay team too, who had played for one hour and thirty minuts.

After every edition of Sekay Audio, I believe again and again on this team, on their creativity and their love to the music.
The question now is, what is the next surprise GUYS??

credit video: V Station

Video by: Kader El Beji

il n'est pas simple de mettre par écrit ce que nous avons vécu!Est ce un retour vers le passé ou le renouveau de notre…

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