On our first Gathering, we had the honor to invite; the rising star Switchdance, the Tunisian pride keybe and Nacim Gastli
and never forget the femal touch of Noy Ara.

The set up had started some days before the show, the day D, Jully 25th, 2017 everything had been ready since the morning at Regency Beach Hammamet; a beautiful venue in front of the sea.
Meanwhile, Mr switchdance had been enjoying the Tunsian Beach and having some tanning under that warm sun.

The show had started at 6 pm with Nacim Gastli, a Tunsian Guy working with Souq record, and other deep house oriental labels.
To be honest, that was the first time i attend to this handsome guy while playing!I used to listen to his music via Soundcloud or whatever
but frankly i can not deny that he took my mind to like “once upen a dream” !

After one hour and 15 mn of a Trippy Journey, it was Noy Ara’s time to take on the control.
she knew exactly what she had to do ! sometimes up, other times down , and the crowd getting mad ..

8:15 pm, an other handsome guy on the stage !
I remember the first time i heard a track from him, i didn’t know that his original are Tunsian. I had listened to all his stuffs
and i felt in love with that feelings,that sensations, i felt in love whit that sensual sad melodies !
He has been product too many tacks, but for me “Desert rose” still one of my all time favourites.

Butterflies in my stomach ! I was speachless after that set he played .

Switchdance burn it out

Switchdance taking his headphone, and he was like ” come on guys let it burn “…
As he told me, he was excited playing over here, it was his first time in Tunsia and in an arabic country so far .
That hug red soundsystem was one of the reasons too! “I’m supper glad to try this soundsystem tonight” – he said .
(we had installed on that beautiful venue our new Nexus 6 by VOID.)

That tracks’ selection, that perfect transitions, every thing was great! But the nice part of all was the time he played around
four tracks from Red axes (as they are one of my best producers as well ).

11 pm that was the time at which we had to stop the party, before around 15mn our guest played his famous track “O Amolador”,
the track which changed his life upset down.

Days pass, and the mind still behind those unreleased tracks he had been playing along that night !

As our gathering was secret and friendly, we were dancing together, sharing the same passion with a lot of laugh and love.
SoundSource first Gathering was as a newborn’s first day in life which can not grow without your support and care.

It was our first step of a long long way ..
thank you all !

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