After a successful summer season of a rental partnership between Soundsource and Circus Gammarth, we finally get to the decision to install one of our VOID systems, once for all at this marvellous lounge.

The lounge opened last December, and it’s becoming one among the most visited places in town.

Mr Ahmed Chabchoub, Circus Gammarth owner and Mr Zied Riahi CEO and founder of Soundsource, Void Acoustics agreed dealer, just signed the agreement of the sale.

The VOID Acoustics system is a complete Trimotion system that includes 2 Trimotion loudspeakers and 2 stasys Xair, powered by 2 Bias V3 and 1 Bias V9 The system is a kind of audiophile-quality boomboxes( You can’t ask for more! )

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