Life Is A Disco is back !

Moodena will be the guest for this 4th edition.

Disco and House only, be as colorful as possible and come and dance with us.

Event powered by Tri Motion System II


For its first edition, Oasis Créatives was a real success.

Mixing between art & music in several heavenly venues, and trusting on local artists, this festival will for sure be a very awaited one next year.

Tunesmania Showcase has been powered by Air Motion system I

For their fifth showcase, Warok boys did the job as always.

Pure techno to please all the people who came for this event.

Event powered by Air Motion System II

In collaboration with IFTWaxLab team had one of the best events of the year, music, vibes and organization were perfect.

LowrisLamache played an epic extended b2b set which has conquered tho whole crowd.

Event powered by Tri Motion System II

Club Gingembre team is launching a new serie of events : Odd Soul, by inviting Jamie Tiller for their first show.

A single watchword : Dance.

Event powered by Turbosound Aspect system

Expect an outstanding audiovisual experience during this event.

Eargasmic music from Najib Belkadhi Ghassen GhazouaniCali Kula and an exclusive visual performance from Design Lab

Event powered by Air Motion System by Void Acoustics

Surfing between ethnic, melodic and tribal sounds, this event will be a true spiritual journey.

Event powered by Tri Motion System 2

Thank you Le Carpe Diem for your trust.