Waaw ! that’s all what we can say !

The event started at 8pm, the place was empty at the beginning and honestly we was scared, but then Baaaaaam … ! There were up of 800 person in the dancefloor.
That reminds me my feeling when i came yearly to the school cause my Dud brought me by the car !
No one is there but me and some other stranger !! And suddenly the bus is coming and the yard becoming full!

Never underestimate the power of a local Dj !
I have been encouraging the Tunsien Djs since too long and this time they prouved that they really deserve our trust and help.

A trip to the Dark side
That crazy happiness which hits you when you see every one is dancing and enjoying that kind of music which some poeples called it « Music of Psyco » or « Noise » or some other weird termes !
Lewis Fauzi started with some dance floor music, then, coming to the dark techno opening the way to the beloved SNTS to play a set of 2h :15 mn of atmospheric and Dark techno trax too.
How dare they say that Dark techno has no Soul !!

I had the chance to talk with the black mask’s manger and he confess “SNTS” was really glad to be back playing here, he talked me about his first gig, he was so satisfied about the prometers, the crowd and specially the sound system ! you know for this kind of event the soundsystem is the main factor to success it, so congratulation you did it !”

« You know that feeling when a really good system hits you? The rumble in your stomach, the vibrations at your feet, the crystal-clear clarity of the sounds permeating your eardrums ? Well, we thought we knew that feeling too. We thought we knew it all too well. But that was before we work with you »
That’s what the promorter of Illusion said after the party !

Between Heaven and Hell !
How should i forget Boomj visual show !
The Mapping was insane, it seems like we were traveling through the time, between hell and heaven, and from life to death !

Artists feedback :

  • SNTS: Merci Tunisia and the Illusion promoters for another unforgettable experience. Sorry to those who couldn’t get in, sure we will meet again soon.
  • Lewis Fautzi: Thank you Tunísia. What a nice surprise, congrats Illusion promoters

All the words in this world are not enough to describe our Love for all who helped as to make The Dark Side 2 an unforgettable event!

Waaw ! that’s all what we can say ! Read more

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