Turbosound at El Pacha Club

El Pacha Club is an open Air club, located in South Hammamet.
Surly, it’s one of the oldest and the biggest nightclub. It’s well-known by its huge line up in every single summer season.

Too many big names had been playing over there as Fatima Hajji, Butch, &Me, SNTS, ANNA, Magdelina, Marc Houle, Culeo de Song, Sasha Carrassi, Sonja Moonear, Marco Bailey and many more…
For this season the line up is getting more and more insane as we will see on the stage Agent of Time, Ten Walls, Keith Carnal, Sam Paganini  to not cite all ..

Indeed, El Pacha Club has been mentioned among the loyal clients we have, (since we had working us Jukebox).

At the present time, SoundSource has eqquiped the club with an aspect system Turbousound of 20KW. This soundsystem  includes 6 x Lab Horn subwoofers TSW218 and 6 x Turbosound Aspect TA500 mid-high enclosures.

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