Ethnic, the Cercle of life

Everyone was waiting for the second edition of Ethnic, the Cercle of life. Everyone was impatient to meet his friends and to be around some friendly and lovable peoples.

The lineup was like the following ranking:

  • JOSS
  • MOM

The day D, September the 30th, We drove about three hours by car to attend the event venue (secret venue) .

Yes, Call us crazy!  We just have passion and love and all what was matter is to not be late!

Arrived at the Venue, and what a surprise! The place was super nice! A hug castle besieged by a very big green forest!

There were two areas; as I called it, the chilly one (The heaven) and the dancefloor (The hell).


Between Hell and heaven

By reaching “the Hell “everyone was dancing, moving right and left, everyone was deeply glad, not only due to that amazing music, but also because everything was colorful, each corner’s telling a wonderful story.

Whereas, on “heaven”, that green paradise which was covered by some trippy and shiny paintings.

You can see the crowd chilling and taking some rest, to resume their Energie and to be back after that to the dance floor as well.

It seems like we were traveling through the time; between hell and heaven, between the light and the darkness and from a world to another.

Traipsing between the Egyptian pyramids for a while then reaching the African forests to come after that to India and strolling on its streets using an Elephant!

Who can believe that we had all that power to party from 5pm to 10 am of the next day. Simply, we had been taking to another universe! Another level of life.

SoundSource had equipped the stage by the beloved Nexus 6 system and to be honest, its red color gave more charm to the venue, besides some lighting devices which were splitted up in each corner of the place.

We would love to thank ethnic community for trusting us and for the hard work they had did.

We do thank too every single one for coming and spreading love and happiness on that DREAMLAND.





Le cercle de la vie, Ethnic

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