Who Are We ?

SoundSource was created in 2016 with three fundamental criteria: passion for music,experience and knowledge.
Zied Riahi,Soundsource Co-founder, launched the company after been working for Jukebox-his first company- specialist on sound and lighting too, for thirteen years.
As can be seen, the company is based in Tunisia. And collaborates today successfully with a dynamic and professional team.

Soundsource sells and distributes high-quality products that have attracted great interest and amazingly combined design with acoustic performance. Our main mission is to satisfy every consumer looking for any kind of product in the audiovisual field, wishful to acquire an object of art that is not trivial but able to bring a full of emotion.

That’s why, SoundSource has developed its effective partnerships with several innovative German,Britsh and Tunisian companies, all sharing a common passion for quality in each field.

Linearity, efficiency, power and knowledge are just a few key factors to transmit the most subtle shade of a perfect sound and lighting. For this reason, we are relying on our experience in clubbing field and on your trust to work up in a better way and to do our best.

Professional Sound Systems

We have been installing sound and lighting systems in venues for around 12 years and have a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers allowing us to offer a nationwide service. From Tunis to Tozeur we have a portfolio of both past and present customers who have experienced a professional sound system supplied by SoundSource.

We work alongside many manufacturers of high quality sound to ensure we are able to offer the perfect solution to meet with your requirements. Along with being Void Acoustics, Turbosound and fohhn dealer, we have installed many systems from several brands .

Club Sound Systems

With vast experience in the night club sound & light sector, we pride ourselves on providing high quality equipment to create a complete sound system capable of meeting any requirements.

Some of the core brands we regularly use include Void Acoustics, Fohhn, Turbosound and many more. With advances in lighting technology moving quickly, a high quality night club sound system can easily be overlooked, but with customers becoming more and more demanding, clear and precise sound is essential in today’s market.

Bar and Restaurant Sound

With the explosion in the number of high street bars and restaurants recently, it is getting harder and harder to stand out above the rest, especially in the current financial climate. Offering a simple but effective sound system can be a simple step towards getting the advantage over the competition.

With an almost infinite number of options, we can design a sound system for your venue, giving the flexibility you require. From a simple background music sound system, to multiple areas playing various different things, with the incorporation of DJ equipment sound systems, karaoke, bands and more, we can tailor the sound system to meet your needs and budget.

Hotels, Shops and Retail Outlets

Background music systems can be very important in creating the right atmosphere for your customers. This not only applies to bars and restaurants, but shops and hotels as well. A poor sound quality can easily put customers off without realising. If you want to portray a good quality shop selling good products, can you do this with a struggling or distorted sound system in the background?

Zied Riahi

Co-founder & Manager

E-Mail: ziedriahi@soundsource.tn

“In order to get what you want, You must work hard

Nothing happens without effort! “