No good Soundsystem, no good party!

Absolutly, our TurboSound did it again. It covered all the open air space of the Carpe Diem and technically there were up of 800 persons.
With regards to the lighting, we tryed to put a nature touch by the choice of the colors and the distribution of the devices.
Up to the present time, we can say that everything was under control to give a heavy atmosphere which fits Sekay’s theme.
Every thing was epic, the organisation, the crowd, the music, you and us ..

The event started with the Duo Etereo, two litlle men who have their own identity and style, who know how to permeate straight tothe heart.
After a set of 2hours, Milo took the relay to put the fire with an epic intro “ Satori – Ikyadarh (Original Mix) “..
Midnight past half, Sed and Benz were side by side to close the party with a set of one hour and 30mn .
Burn !! Yes, they burn it up in one second..

The journey of Sekay with the beloved Milo Hafliger was our first stopover of an amazing trip, a trip only for good people.
So now, i guess that you know your best destination, see you next month for the second stopover.

A toi, Sekay, je te donnerai L’attraction que je n’avais A jamais éprouvée L’amour qu’à vous pèlerins Je…

Publié par Sekay Audio sur mardi 21 février 2017

No good Soundsystem, no good party!

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