Rafael Cerato’s event at « Le Carpe Diem Gammarth », May, the18th 2017 wasour first experienceas a promoter.

Our friend Ahmed Benjemy asked us to collaborate  to bring a rising star of Diynamic Music, the french man Rafel Cerato.
We appreciated the idea because we trust on our first Tunisian Dj and we knew that this event gonna rock on !

Thursday at 7pm everything was ready.
Saif Touati was the first one who taking contrôle, from 8pm to 10pm he was behind the decks playing
some Ethnic music(the other side of saif touati), this kind of bangers, which take you to the other world, a spirtual world on wich you can really touch the music.

The Guingette open air started to be full, at 10pm it was time of Wael Ben Ammar to hight up the bpm.
One hour set of some tech house and techno tracks. The vibes was getting warmer, and here we are seeing the magician, one of the best
producers in Tunisia, Haze-M taking the relay to put his own magic.
I still remember that epic moment when he dropped Rampa remix of« PasTaboys-Deep Music ». I even noticed that Rafael was dancing and checking
his body.

11pm and the show must go on !

Rafael Cerato behind the decks

Finally, Rafael Cerato , our beloved guest was behind the decks, and the surprise was :
The intro of his set was one of his main weapons on those last few months,« Artbat & rafael cerato-Uplift ». Also, we have seen Solomun played it on the most of the gigs though.
Along his set, Rafael played to much tracks of his own productions like “Agora”, and also tested an unreleased one « Rafael
Cerato-Mandragore ». I felt so tired, but i could not stop dancing ! It seems like i was eating a spicy food but i couldn’t leave my hands on, as it was so tasty and delicious.

In a moment i find myself singing a song which he was playing !
Oh ! it was a new banger of him featuring the band « Liu Bei » called « The storm ». Such a happy moment for me as i was deeply in love with this magical track. « The Storm » was the closing of rafael’s set.

After this track I could say that our event was a succefull one on each parts : organisation, sound, lighting, crowd quality, service, vibes …

Due to this successful experience, soundsource decided to carry on and to not stop doing such amazing works.


Rafael Cerato’s event at « Le Carpe Diem Gammarth », May, the18th 2017 wasour first experienceas a promoter.
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