After attending to Green Line by Nervous Addiction, a friend of mine asked me about my opinion.
I tried to find only one word which can describes all those feelings inside myself.

I answred to his question by an other question : « How can i say ‘Mamma mia ‘ in english ? »
He said that we can find a bunch of terms but the beauty of this world is in her mother tongue, it’s more intense and deep .
So then .. MAMMA MIA !!

The stage was the best stage i have ever seen in my life (in Tunisia for sure)! The embellishment was just waaw !!
In a moment, i felt like i was sauntering in the jungle or something like that.
At firts the show started with Anemoia, the Tunisian Duo played from 9pm to 11pm, a magical set of 2 hours with some Promo tracks as they always do..
Oh yes ! We have such great tallent in Tunisia .


The golden duo next to the tunisian artists

Then the golden duo Nato and Sahalé are side by side behind the deckS for a b2b of two hours . As i always say « when this two men play music everyone have to shut up ! »
I didnt’ know what i have to do excatly ! dancing, recording some videos and taking pics or just focusing on the stage and admiring its beauty; this combination between the lighting and the plants was abnormal !

After that, comming to Benjemy and his new live concept with the singer Ben Sweeden. Oh my !! that was really a piece of madness !That touch of the arabic songs on the techno tracks was amazing.
The surprise of the event ; Anemoia, sahalé and Nato for a b2b from 2am to the end.

Can you imagine !! In one night I traveled the whole world without making a move out of the club.

Namaste 🙂

Publié par Nervous Addiction sur mardi 14 mars 2017

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