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S* Gatherings is an occasion for everyone to enjoy high quality music, on what technology can do best in lighting and audio, surrounded by your friends, and your future friends.

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Whatever you look for, SoundSource will always find several solutions providing range of services for your  Workshops, Congress, Private parties, Clubs Events and Festivals.

Sound and Lighting System Rentals

For professional meetings and events, choose our rental sound systems, which include speakers, cabling and a range of several microphones.
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SoundSource has developed partnerships with some of the British and  German  companies  to offer the best quality and a wide choice to its customers.


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We are a team of honest, hard-working, highly specialized professionals who take pride in our craft. As experienced technicians and engineers, we listen intently to your concerns and specifications in order to create a sound which feels just right for your event. Every step of the way, from load-in through to load-out, we provide flawless execution and we are vigilant when it comes to keeping within your time frame and budget.